I am Leonela

I am conscience Life Purpose flourishing coach and devoted leader and mom, who will guide and inspire you to achieve your purpose and vision in life from beginning to end.

  • I have over 10 years of experience working with corporate and individual clients to reach their full potential and work more efficiently and effectively to reach their goals and dreams. Most recently, after having two children of my own and figuring out how to teach and engage two preschoolers during a pandemic, I have expanded my portfolio of clients to include children. I am continually surprised and amazed at these wonderful miracles who are so ripe with potential and a love of learning.
  • I truly love what I do! I believe with the right support and guidance; each one of us can be unstoppable. I cannot imagine doing something more fulfilling than helping people find their purpose and become who they want to be.
  • As long as I can remember, I have helped people. At a young age I wanted it to be a medical doctor, believing that this was the only way I could fulfill my desire to improve the lives of others. In college and away from my home country of Venezuela, I pursued pre-medicine and worked with an amazing doctor in northern New Mexico. However, I realized my passion and strengths were more aligned with understanding the mind, behavior and what motivates people. I switched gears and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from New Mexico Highlands University. After college, I was fortunate to stumble on a CIJ Clarity Catalyst course, based on a master’s degree class from Stanford University. This transformational experience helped crystalize a path forward for me. I became ClJ coach, working directly with clients in the United States and internationally, to help them reach their full potential.
  • My rewarding work as a ClJ (Creative Insight Journey) coach, both personally and professionally, led me to continue my education. I earned a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Change, with certifications in Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry, from Case Western Reserve University to add to my Creativity in Business certification from Stanford University.

As a young professional, wife, and mother to a son and daughter, I have found my purpose! Let me help you find your purpose and achieve your goals using the tools that I was blessed to discover on my life’s journey. Together, we can make a difference in this world, one person at the time.