CIJ: The Culture Catalyst

A course for companies ready to infuse a work/life balance into their environment.

You are a compassionate leader who wants only the best for the people who work for you. You know that stress and pressure can be part of the job, and you also know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You are ready to transform your corporate culture with mindfulness and emotional intelligence because you know that training and developing your staff in this innovative way will ultimately create more progress, creativity, and well-being in your workplace.

Is a systemic process for accelerating organization culture change and transformation The core, measurable aim: Increase the probability of success of key goals, initiatives, and work that is already on peoples’ plates

4 Core “practices”:

  • Develop Creative Agility
  • Relax the Judge
  • See Beyond the Apparent
  • Ask Powerful Questions

Sponsorship and ownership for outcomes as well as time for participants to design follow-up activities are built directly into the design Flexible delivery options allow for multiple, customizable formats With a track record of very successful people taking this course, you can feel confident that this will shift the current paradigm for your people; that work has to be grueling and hard, to work can be fun, engaging, and a collaborative process, which will ultimately increase the bottom line for everyone involved.

The CIJ Culture Catalyst is based on a Stanford University Master’s degree class in transformation. It will provide your staff with a crystal-clear blueprint to tap into their creative FLOW and INNOVATION so that they can achieve BALANCE and HAPPINESS both in life and at work.