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Hi I'm Leonela

I am conscience Life Purpose flourishing coach and devoted leader and mom, who will guide and inspire you to achieve your purpose and vision in life from beginning to end.

  • I have over 10 years of experience working with corporate and individual clients to reach their full potential and work more efficiently and effectively to reach their goals and dreams. Most recently, after having two children of my own and figuring out how to teach and engage two preschoolers during a pandemic, I have expanded my portfolio of clients to include children. I am continually surprised and amazed at these wonderful miracles who are so ripe with potential and a love of learning.
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You were born with a gift. Life is meaningful when you have a purpose. It is time to show the world what are you capable of doing. Imagine every morning waking up knowing that what you are doing is so fulfilling that you are so exited to start your day. The world needs people who have a purpose to really make a change. Be the change you want to see in the world. Join me to make my mission a reality and help 100,000 people to find their true purpose.